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The New Professional Chef
a "must have" addition to any cookbook collection.

The New Professional Chef
by The Culinary Institute of America, Mary Deirdre Donovan (Editor), Paul Bocuse (Introduction), Ferdinand Metz (Introduction)
6th Edition
Hardcover, 1190 pages
Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold (Trade)
Dimensions (in inches): 11.17 x 9.01 x 2.34
ISBN: 0442019610
List: $65 ~ Our estimated Price: $46

The new edition of this superb reference contains additional information on such management issues as cost control, waste control, inventory, and pricing strategies, and covers such new topics as environmental impact and professional behavior. New chapters feature vegetarian recipes, international cuisine, and sandwiches. 1,400 color photos.

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Midwest Book Review:
Becoming a chef requires more than just having a passion for food and following recipes. It means understanding traditions and food trends, knowing basic cooking techniques, being able to identify quality ingredients, manipulating the tools of the trade, and experimenting with both classic and contemporary flavors and textures. To master these essential skills and learn the latest information about the food service industry, today's aspiring chef can turn to The New Professional Chef.
Now in its sixty edition, this is the most practical, up-to-date, comprehensive reference guide available on the culinary world. The New Professional Chef defines the fundamentals of identification, preparation and presentation, and offers detailed charts and step-by-step instructions that show how to identify, purchase and store the finest, freshest foods.

The New Professional Chef offers more than 1,000 recipes which are organized from simple to complex and are accompanied by display, illustration and technique photographs. Ranging from the familiar to the exotic, all of them are designed to bring out the full, natural flavor of fresh foods. With 1200 full-color photographs, this culinary compendium also includes charts listing the seasonal availability of produce, basic kitchen ratios, conversion charts of weights and measures, as well as an extensive list of recommended books, food associations, and a comprehensive glossary. The New Professional Chef. is a "must have" addition to any cookbook collection.

Table of Contents (refers to the 6th edition)

Recipe Contents
Foreword by P. Bocuse
Foreword by F. Metz
Ch. 1. The Professional Chef
Ch. 2. Food and Kitchen Safety
Ch. 3. Nutrition and Healthy Cooking
Ch. 4. Equipment Identification
Ch. 5. The Raw Ingredients
Ch. 6. Mise en Place
Ch. 7. Soups
Ch. 8. Sauces
Ch. 9. Dry-Heat Cooking Methods
Ch. 10. Moist-Heat and Combination Cooking Techniques
Ch. 11. Charcuterie and Garde-Manger
Ch. 12. Baking and Pastry
Ch. 13. Mise en Place and Stock Recipes
Ch. 14. Soup Recipes
Ch. 15. Sauce Recipes
Ch. 16. Meat Entrees
Ch. 17. Poultry Entrees
Ch. 18. Fish Entrees
Ch. 19. Vegetarian Entrees
Ch. 20. International Entrees
Ch. 21. Vegetable Side Dishes
Ch. 22. Potato, Grain, and Pasta Dishes
Ch. 23. Breakfast Recipes
Ch. 24. Salads and Salad Dressings
Ch. 25. Sandwiches and Pizzas
Ch. 26. Hors d'Oeuvres and Appetizers
Ch. 27. Sausages, Pates, and Terrines
Ch. 28. Breads
Ch. 29. Kitchen Desserts
Ch. 30. Cakes and Pastries
Appendix 1: Seasonal Availability of Produce
Appendix 2: Tables
Appendix 3: Weights and Measures Conversions
Recommended Reading List
Food Associations

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